Research and Links around Blockchain Technologies


Decentralized Process Modeling and Instance Tracking

This topic concerns the main approach of my ongoing dissertation on the decentralization of information systems development. It is focused on modeling processes among decentralized peers of a network without a central coordinator.

Research paper and talk at the 2018 European Conference on Information Systems
Software prototype on GitHub

Knowledge Blockchain

With this research project concerning Knowledge Management, conceptual models can be tied to a Knowledge Blockchain in order to immutably store, share and manage the knowledge of organizations.

Knowledge Blockchain at HICSS-51
Project Website

Proof of Existence

Among the most interesting applications for blockchain technologies are existence proofs. The basic idea is to take a hash of any document – e.g. message, photo, certificate – and have it included in a timestamped block of a blockchain. Later on, a Proof of Existence can be conducted by anyone with access to the document and the blockchain, which could be public or private, by re-computing the hash value of the document. If the re-computed hash value matches the one included in the block, the prior existence of the document can be assumed, specifically at the time when the block was mined. If the hash values do not match, nothing can be deduced.

Calculation of SHA-256 values as a basic demonstration on employing hash functions
Proof of Existence at the University of Nicosia
Proof of Existence Services in Bitcoin

more to come


Resources, Block Explorers, Statistics, Full Node Software, Smart Contract Platforms

Bitcoin Project

Bitcoin Developer Resources


Block Explorers

  • Blockchair – comprehensive display of block/transaction data with lots of fields, search capabilities, CSV export, API
  • Smartbit – instant search, also searches data (ASCII) included in transactions with OP_RETURN
  • – supports testnet, Litecoin and others, API
  • – supports testnet, fast and clear design, API
  • – popular open source explorer, based on Bitcore
  • Yogh Blockchain Reader – open source explorer, clear listing of blocks and transactions in hexadecimal representation


Full Node

  • Bitcoin Core is the Wallet and Full Node from the core developers
  • Bitcore-node is a full node based on Bitcore with API and block explorer
  • Bitnodes – data on full nodes with live map, API

Smart Contract Platforms based on Bitcoin

  • Omni Layer – layer on top of the bitcoin network for distributed exchange and smart property
  • Rootstock / RSK – smart contract execution platform backed by the bitcoin blockchain for smart contracts written in Solidity (compatible to Ethereum)


Resources, Block Explorers, Statistics, Clients, APIs

Ethereum Project

  • Project – Ethereum project
  • White Paper – introduction and concepts
  • Yellow Paper – formal specification for software implementations
  • Research – state of current research projects w.r.t. scaling through sharding etc.
  • Proof of Stake – FAQ on the switch to proof of stake consensus algorithm
  • Sharding – FAQ on sharding as a possible scaling solution
  • Plasma – another possible scaling solution

Block Explorers

  • Etherchain – fast and clear design
  • Etherscan – transactions, pending transactions, tokens, API
  • Ethplorer – explorer and tokens monitor, API



  • Go Ethereum / Geth – “official” client written in go
  • Parity – fast, light-weight client
  • Harmony – ethereum network node with web interface, uses EthereumJ
  • EthereumJ – ethereum implementation purely in java
  • cpp-ethereum – client implementation written in c++
  • pyethapp – client implementation written in python
  • ethereumjs-lib – implementation of core functions in javascript


  • Blockcypher – transactions, contracts, events etc.
  • Etherest – API for ethereum contracts
  • Infura – platform and API
  • MyEtherAPI – network, transaction data, by

Smart Contracts

Autonomous Prediction Markets and other Decentralized Apps on Ethereum

  • DappRadar – popular DApps
  • Augur – decentralized oracle and prediction market platform
  • Gnosis – another platform for creating DApps to make predictions
  • Aragon – platform for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) using smart contracts
  • OmiseGo – interoperability network on top of ethereum
  • BlockCAT – easy-to-use interface for creating smart contracts and DApps
  • Cryptokitties – the game which introduced the idea of digital collectibles

Interesting projects for building private or consortium blockchains for enterprises

Blockchain as a Service

  • Google – Not running, yet, will provide a platform for Digital Asset, BlockApps, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum
  • Amazon – Ethereum as private or consortium blockchain on an AWS ECS cluster
  • Microsoft Azure Apps – templates for private or consortium blockchains in the azure cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench – a development and deployment environment for blockchains
  • Oracle – blockchain “platform as a service”


Hyperledger is a project of the Linux Foundation.

Blockchain Platforms

  • Dragonchain – open source project stemming from the Disney private blockchain platform
  • – platform for private blockchains, asset tracking

Blockchain Services

  • IBM – services for private blockchains
  • Deloitte – Rubix platform by Deloitte
  • Samsung SDS – Nexledger platform