Decentralized Process Modeling and Instance Tracking

As of yesterday, my paper on decentralized process modeling and instance tracking has been accepted for ECIS 2018 – this work constitutes the main part of my thesis and I’m very excited to discuss it in Portsmouth in June!

The publication discusses an approach for a decentralized and collaborative creation of process models by multiple participants (peers) without a central coordinator. It also contains a proof-of-concept implementation which is going to be released on GitHub in time for the conference.

Decentralized Business Process Modeling and Instance Tracking Secured by a Blockchain

For supporting the conceptualization and the management of enterprise models in a decentralized manner, this paper introduces an approach based on model versioning and blockchain technologies. The main contribution is twofold, consisting of a., the creation of models for inter-organizational business processes in a decentralized environment, and b., means for tracking process instances using meta-data at run time. Models for business processes, workflows, and instance states are collaboratively created as part of a decentralized architecture. Based on this approach, a hierarchical versioning and modeling approach is employed in order to create and manage public and private models in a transactional fashion. For forming relationships among decentralized participants, semi-formal models linked to a blockchain are suggested. The approach is evaluated with a supply chain use case and demonstrated in an implemented modeling tool.